English spoken soon

I’m now trying to translate (or write) my next entries in French AND English… This, with a new WordPress plug-in (oh, yes, this blog is written by WordPress). Be careful, this is not automatic translations ! I’ll re-write all my articles twice (both in French and in English). Why ? Because I want to try (and learn) new computer’s stuff and yes, a little bit ’cause of my Raverly’s profile (and “All-around-the-word Ravlery’s friend” too).

Sooo, if you’re an English (native or not) reader, you’ll soon be able to read me in English.

And you can NOW also send me a message to tell me :

  • if I’m right
  • if you want me to translate old entries (and wich one ?)
  • and maybe, tell me if my English is not correct…

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