Bouton d’Or

Back from holidays (a few days with family in the countryside)  … with a new project!

I took a sweater just started, a few balls to try gauges and samples and here I am : coming back with a new yarn, a new catalog and a second pull started ?

Well, I will explain everything :  My Parent neighbor knits. And as she understand I was on my way, she was eager to announce the good news to my mother: a new shop (selling BdF : Bergère de France) just opened in the neigborood (within 3 km!) -  we usually had no Other choices than go to Phildar’s shop at an another city -approx. 30 km …

Precisely, we visit this second city the next day, just to walk (with irrepressible desire to go soon to see the new store next door) and now we come upon a SECOND new shop (near Phildar, so) which selling the brand : Anny Blatt and Bouton d’Or!  A must see, of course, we (Mom and I) coming in : a very warm welcoming (and my mother saying : My son IS knitting, eh, not me!). A slight glance at the qualities of wool (superbly soft) and on the last catalog (with a few male models including one that taps me straight in the eye) and this is where I became serious : we have to visit BdF before chrushing on these wools very beautiful, certainly, but also slightly more expensive (comprehensible, quality is a cost!).

A few days later I go with Darling in the ‘famous’ first shop nearby house, but it started to rain (the manager coming in with the few things located on the front door, annoyed by the sudden downpour). Here, a very cold reception (like the rain?) well, I do not pay attention, there are so many things to check! BdF promised wool and other brands (as Katya).

After some (long) minutes to examine everything and find something great (with no specific idea), we are pestered by the bitch/saleswoman who think :

<< it’s bizarre to see two guys in this kind of shop and asking nothing but ‘looking without precise idea’!>>

Grrrrrrr… Her thoughts  -and the fact that nothing I have seen at first were good enough after the last shop (many acrylic here, finally), put me in a rage that I left without asking my rest.

So frustrated that I returned a few days later at Bouton d’Or’s to relieve myself (and my wallet) with 15 balls of that yarn named ‘Steppe‘- soo soft. Made of combed wool, camel hair and linen, the yarn is very sweet, very pleasant to knit and the model chosen in the latest catalog is a true joy which rises quickly enough (Needles US 9). I am not disappointed at all!

For conclusion : good point for ROSAVRIL, the second store ; a great welcome and the joy of discover a new brand (nice quality) and soon pictures of ‘Bryan’-chosen model – here on this blog (I promised to the manager!)

Ps: for correction, I do not name the another shop but I will not go back there … for sure!

5 Responses to “Bouton d’Or”

  • Nick says:

    Pour l’anecdote, je connais ces entrées dans des boutiques de laines ou de tissus où on vous regarde parce que vous êtes un garçon. J’aime l’étonnement et le questionnement qui se lisent dans le regard des vendeuses. Ça m’amuse ! En revanche, j’aime beaucoup moins le ton condescendant de certaines vendeuses quand on leur demande un renseignement…

    Sinon, je suis ce blog depuis peu, depuis que j’ai commencé à me mettre au tricot. C’est avec plaisir que je vais continuer de le suivre !

    Bon courage pour le pull !

  • TommyG. says:

    Merci Nick !
    En effet, n’hésites pas à revenir ! ;-)

  • claudine68 says:

    Je suis issue d’une famille nombreuse, 3 grand frères , 3 petits frères et 2 petites soeurs, eh bien, ma maman nous tricotait tous nos pulls. Eh bien mon frère ainé c’est à crocheter. Il était la fierté de sa grand mère.
    J’admire les hommes qui tricotent et partagent les mêmes passions que nous.
    Je suis toujours en admiration devant tes ouvrages, ils sont MAGNIFIQUEMENT MAGNIFIQUE.

    Moi aussi j’ai découvert un magasin qui vend de la laine Anny Blatt et Bouton d’Or, et j’adore. Par rapport au net, on peut toucher et voir la matière à la lumière du jour et non pas à travers un écran de PC.

    Toutes mes félicitations


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