Story of a Cowl

This story begins in March 2013, before ski holidays. I wanted to find an nice accessory to go though the mountains with some criterias :

  • Easy to wear, Easy to get off,
  • warm (of course),
  • Easy and quick to knit,
  • Sweet BUT,
  • acceptable with beard…

The begin of HELL !

Then, I get a Revelation : instead of a 2 meters scarf (meaning, not “quick to knit”), I should knit a cowl !

After a few days of research in Ravelry, my choice goes to a old favorite cowl : Bandana cowl. This pattern is free (nice advantage) and the shape is perfect to get our neck warm.

I just have to find the correct yarn with the correct gauge now !

The begin of HELL (bis) !

Finally, it wasn’t so difficult : I have ONE skein from Malabrigo in my stash from 2010. But you know, a single skein is often still in the bottom of the basket, and every knitters know that ! Anyway; the gauge is not so close, the skein is too big for this project but… it is now time to knit you, little skein, and you’re so sweet (100 % worsted merinos) and I’m still in love with your color… OK then, I’ll make THIS pattern with THIS yarn.

Now, I’m sure that you’re thinking : ok, Vince is a nice guy but, why is telling us this so-old story ?
Why ? because, there is something to following !

Lately, I’m wearing this bandana cowl in Paris, while I’m Hosted in my Friend flat : MB. And while she’s staring at me, she  says : << OMG ! This shape is perfect for driving scooters in Paris ! (every Parisians got a scooter, not any car !) I want to protect my neck but my scarf is never at the correct place ! tell me, what do you think if I ask you to knit me one cowl like yours ?>>

Well, MB is a real friend, it’s hard to say no, and God knows how I feel when I have to knit for someone else : no, it’s too short, or no, it’s too long, or no I don’t like the color, or no, no, no… while you knitted stitches after stitches with all your love !

So, I’m in for a special order :

<< not too short please ! I want it on my chest, and I want it covering my ears too, and I want it red, a bright red, like a Ferrarri, like my helmet !>>

Well, it’s not so easy to find red yarn you know ! You’ll easily find dark pink or orange or wine-red, but Bright red…

Anyway, after some research I find the correct color at Phildar’s (famous French brand for yarns), and a few hours later with less than 2 skeins, my bandana cowl is fi-ni-shed !

The funniest is coming : I show this finished cowl to an another friend who drive a motorcycle and what does she says ?  << OMG ! too nice this cowl >> (with the same arguments that before…)

<< Still, you can improved it with a little hole – like a buttonhole – here, at the top, near the noze to breathe correctly, do you mind to make one more for me ? But in black please, like my helmet !>>

SO : I have a friend who actually wear her bandana cowl, a friend who wait for it, and me !

If you find the perfect gift for a biker : don’t look further : bandana cowl is made for you !


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