Frankie Morello

Do you know one of the next winter trends for Man in Haute Couture?
Knitting! yet! exemple with Frankie Morello on his website (here) with a feature that should please to beginners: first, a come back to (very) large stitches! and second:  don’t mind if you cannot finish your projects : the trend is work in progress knitting  ! and what could be more chic than walk around with your needles at the end of the scarf. Moreover, the benefits are numerous:

1-you can fly with your needles without fear of duty (they are not needles, it’s a Haute Couture scarf !!!),
2-garter stitch scarf  do not spin! (the weight of needles arranged it)
3-you can easily locate knitters in the street (in their eyes) …

Be care however of the temptation to finish the scarf … it would not be chic at all and some could even believe that it was not on purpose! ;-)

So: will you wear this sort of scarf this next winter?

4 Responses to “Frankie Morello”

  • Gabuzo says:

    Mais nan, t’as rien compris, la tendance tricot c’est nouveau. Nouveau on te dit ! Tous les ans on te le répète : NOUVEAU !!! Depuis quinze ans, d’ailleurs…

    En tout cas, chapeau pour avoir trouvé cet ovni. A quand une photo de ta créa perso inspiré de cet artiste ???

  • En plus c’est pratique pour avoir de la place dans le metro….ou pour draguer les filles….;o)

  • rachel says:

    oh quand meme mdr…sympa….;o)

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