I want one / I need one

You know what ?

I’m realising now that the idea I got in my mind for maybe a couple of month is the beginning of a probably great new step for me. There is the story :

First of all, this began when I read the last Dolce & Gabanna Fall/Winter review : a new version of our ancient sweater or pullover we were wearing being kinds during the 70′s/80′s with snowflakes or deer head. Kitch as a Kinder’s ad…

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Except that…Since that, the idea is going on and I realise now that I see snowflakes everywhere in the shop windows,

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and first example with  Kookai (funny how this brand is following mesh trend for a few collection, remember the big collar from last year…) But here there is something more : the idea of a multicolored argyle (soo great, isn’t it?).

When D&G maximize the snowflake, allmost pixellised as a space invaders…on a non-knitted-at-all vest !

I had all this influence in my mind when I saw in a shop the brand Scotch & Soda (from Netherland, THE best for man for the moment!) and what a choc :

Swnoflakes ! Again ! (but for more than €120/ €150 the Cardigan)

SO ? My idea is on : I’m gonna make MY real FIRST pattern (from my own !)

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I just have to choose the good drawn, the good (big) yarn and the pattern (Zipped Vest or Cardigan ?). Most of all I have to FINISH it before winter holydays (to wear it on the hills !!!).

So, If YOU have some ideas, let me know and write me a comment ! ;-)

6 Responses to “I want one / I need one”

  • bulle says:

    Eh bien, je vais suivre tes ancées avec intérêt. Attention quand même que le mélange “grosse laine” +” jacquart” ne donne pas la veste en tricot de Starsky…

  • crifil says:

    Si tu veux un peu d’aide pour l’inspiration et les grilles de motifs, tu peux aller voir sur Garnstudio. Plein d’idées.
    A plus,

  • TommyG. says:

    mais tu n’a pas mis le lien Aline ?

  • marinette says:

    Justement la veste de Starsky est très tendance en ce moment…
    Sur Garnstudio , plein d’idées
    Il faut aussi sur Dale , les célèbres pulls Norvégiens , surtout ceux d’il y a quelques années…

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