About Knit Nation 2011

Yes, I was in London last week for the Knit Nation Festival.
What a wonderful week end, with some beautiful meet, great yarns to buy and a bit of museums and

shopping in London !
For the Story, That’s Aurélie (a friend of my knit group in Lille) who convinced me to go to the Marjin Hammink Lesson called ‘Steek it easy’. You know, that Norvegian method where you simply cut your knitted garment to create hole to put sleeves in ! It could seems cruel at the first sight but if you dare (and know how do it, with Marjan for instance) you’ll be so proud of you !
During the course I had the opportunity to meet my neighbor (who lives in Luxembourg and speak French so well !) and other male knitters (two actually, who came from Denmark !)
Yes, it’s true, male knitters where in minority but – at least – I was not the only one this time !
So we (quickly) formed a small group who (I think) made impressions (for example, some girls ask us if they could take pictures of us !! I just have to find this pics…). And we spend the afternoon to discuss about knit for us and men’s pattern with my new Danish friends, but we soon wre joined by Sir Stephan West himself !
For your information, Stephen is well knowed for his marvellous shawls pattern and made the last Knitty webzine cover !
At this tea room, I also meet Ysolda Teague who was presenting her last book and recent models (you can even try this and took pictures !) Ysolda was also very nice and even give us badges (na !)

I also went to the market place to see Great Britain producers/sealers of (so) beautiful and 100% organic yarns. We were so far away from the big ‘made-in-Cina’ productions and so close to Shetland, Alpaga, Poahis or Gotland… You could also visit the stand of Loop (a great shop in London). But you’d have to be patient (see the picture of the queue !). Oh… I forgot, male knitters can have shops too : take à look at ‘Easyknit‘ boutique, owned by Jon.

In conclusion, it was a very great moment and it was so good to see so many fans from so many differents countries ! And – of course – a trip to London can be done without the tourist touch : (free) museums, (typical) market and shops, memorable evening (well, and if we go to a musical, hum ?)…
In a way, 4 days or so away from home and boring working days is giving you the energy for 15 days …
until the next (big) holidays !
Well, next year, wich comes with us ?

18 Responses to “About Knit Nation 2011”

  • rachel says:

    et bin didonc tu nous fais regretter de ne pas y etre alle…ouaaaah quelle expo sur le tricot…et tu as vu ysolda…chanceux!!!

  • Cricrii says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (cri histérique)

  • ysabelh says:

    AH!!!! Je suis trop jalouse ! :)
    N’oublie pas de ramener tes trésors demain !!
    Ca avait l’air génial ! Vivement demain pour connaître tous les détails !:))

  • cela a du etre un week end fabuleux…!!!
    peut-etre aurais je la chance de vivre la même chose l’an prochain…..

  • Alors là, je suis trop jalouse ! Je suis en train de tricoter “Ishbel” et en plus Londres est ma ville préférée :)

  • Emmanuelle says:

    Ho la la !
    J’aurais a-do-ré être du voyage !!!!!

  • Christine59 says:

    Quelle super expérience !

  • Annette says:

    OK, le RV pour l’année prochaine est bien noté!

    Stephen et Ysolda… Je suis un tantinet jalouse, non, vraiment, juste un petit peu…

  • digitale says:

    ohlalalalalalalalalalalalaala …..ça c’est the festival !
    moi aussi ,rdv l’année prochaine …
    Alors en plus,je suis très intriguée par ces pulls découpés …tiens nous au courant

  • Sandra says:

    J’y vais l’année prochaine, c’est sur sur sur ! Un an pour préparer, c’est bien, non ?
    T’as du en prendre plein les mirettes…

  • rachel says:

    je te reponds ici…l’adresse fonctionne pas…en tout cas ouii je pense qu’en petit gris cela peut faire masculin…en tout cas regale toi si tu le fais!..;o)

  • Aliette says:

    Rhâââ je n’étais pas au courant !
    L’année prochaine, probablement…
    (suis à Dunkerque)

  • Ah la chaaaance !!!!
    Cette manifestation avait l’air géniale, et si en plus tu as rencontré Stephen alors là je reste adimirative !
    Alors ces steeks ? Je projette d’en faire prochainement pour le Brynja alors je suis intéressée de ton retour ;o)

  • TommyG. says:

    Les steeks semblent bien moins insurmontables désormais… mais pas encore RE testé ;-)

  • Elisabeth says:

    Hélas, pas de Knit Nation 2012 pour cause de Jeux Olympiques.
    Faut attendre 2013, snif !!

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