Whos is coming ?

Yes, winter is coming !  To be honest, there is a lot of missing article since the last one, but I can assure you : I still knit ;-)


1- my projects

First of all, my big big project is a  the jubilee throw, still in progress (for 1 year) maybe because I have bitten off more than I can chew ? For example, during 1 episode of any TV show (approx. 50 min), I can only finish 2 rows… You can imagine the delay to have A THROW !!

My second project is  Stönd, from Stephen West, made with a Brooklyntweed yarn (aka Jared Flood), no need to explain ; it should be a MALE pattern !


2- My favorites or Wish List

A lot of NEW(S) in this time : a tiny little voice, telling in my mind : you’ll ab-so-lu-tly need this : scarf – cardigan – socks – pull – hat… you can choose one..or not and try to ask for some new pair of arms to do them all… I’m particulary in love of this little selection, what do you think of :


Mrs Garter

Mrs. Garter from Annestrick : un  sweater-cardigan- where you can even choose beetwen 2 lengh, for the moment made by my friend :  ’fil et bois‘ (I should make a few ajustment around the chest to look more masculine but it’s seems ok)  ;


Exotic Whirlpool

I really love this pair of socks : Exotic Whirlpool , looking like Skew (yes, I know, I have to do an article for this ones). This pattern should really be nice with the kind of variegated yarns, yes this yarn you don’t know what to do but to nice to forget in the closet…


Dun Aengus

Next project seems to be nuts :  Dun Aengus from Rik Schell. If you know and like Desigual, this is a kind of sweater you could find in their shop. It could be a nice way to knit and test different cables without be boring, and you even can use the end of your skeins ! But you have to find yarn with the same gauge and consistent texture… tha’t the point !


At least, a very huuuge crush for Norvegian Inspired Fair-Isle : in red, and blue and/or white, as you can easily find at Drops, if you want it in a traditionnal way, or something a bit more new as you can  see below :


Snow Crystal for men or women : 

Sweat in Karisma :

Cheese Attack  from Arne & Carlos :  (but I should try to avoid fucking deer…)


Anyway, Winter shoud be warm, don’t you think ? I really need to prioritize… do you have some any favorites on you side ?


6 Responses to “Whos is coming ?”

  • rachel says:

    excellent ton affiche..j’adore…..en tout cas tu vas en avoir des projets…..le programme est allechant…;)

  • Christine59 says:

    Que d’idées ! J’en retiens les chaussettes Exotic Whirpool que je n’avais pas encore repérées.

  • TommyG. says:

    Merci les filles ;-)

  • marjorie says:

    Je te rejoins totalement sur le jacquard norvégien mais pour ma part je crois que ce sera pour l’année prochaine car j’ai déjà pas mal de projets en attente!

    Bon courage pour faire un choix ;)

  • Lady Crafty says:

    J’adore la Mrs Garter! Pour homme ou femme, elle a l’air superbe!
    Faut juste se lancer :)

  • Blanca says:

    Je sais que c’est un peu hors sujet et je m’excuse mais je me demandais si vous connaissez un tricoteur/tricoteuse sur Lille (tant mieux si dans le Vieux-Lille) qui soit prêt(e) à tricoter une écharpe d’homme pour moi. En fait, je voulais en offrir une et j’avais déjà acheté la laine. Même si je sais tricoter un peu, à la fin je n’ai eu ni le temps ni la patience pour le faire. Je serais très reconnaissante si vous pouvez m’aider à ma recherche!

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