Reminder for dizzy (s): Mixology is the art of mixing drinks to make cocktails. In addition, this model (from the fabulous book … Son of Stitch n ‘Bitch of the fabulous Debbie Stoler) has become an almost collaborative model (this will be explained below). It is also my third knitting from this book (After Beer Gloves and Smokin Jacket)

Raverly Link :

A The choice of wool:

1 – I had this black lace cone, quite fluffy, but too fine to be worked alone (composition unknown, but probably synthetic), bought at a the strange Parisian warehouse called Destocklaine.

2-I received a gift (from a sort of KAL) :4 balls of beautiful Noro (Japan wool with subtle tones and superb quality!) and,

3-I really wanted to do some Lopi (Icelandic knitting) when I ordered the yarn Istex (from the Internet) …

While I was reading this book: it was a revelation: use Icelandic and Japan wool  together, add this fluffy thread (for a little more sweetness) as to make a nod to those two countries where Nature is so important (Because of a Vulcano or because of a Nuclear waste) … Sometimes, knitting became a political manifesto!?

B- Model :

In its construction, the model is very nice to achieve, even if it seems simple at first glance (jersey, round neck … nothing extraordinary). Designed by a  knitting woman (LaurenL.) who wanted to have fun (I assume) for her husband, who prefers simple works (because it is true, it is not always easy to make them wear our Home-made sweaters, right ? ;-) ). Here, the pattern begins simply, with a knit in the round, then the set-in sleeves are knit from the top down !(you cann try it on as you knit and ensure the sleeve length is perfect). And the neckband is knit doubled and sewn down on the inside. For the seams: don’t worry, very few threats.

Conclusion :

Icelandic wool is a delight! Just as rough as I like, a nice size for a pattern done quickly and with a choice in colors … virtually unlimited!
I am almost a big fan of  the Noro (Silk Garden) and use a received-as-gift wool from people who took the time to choose quality and color gradients that could please me … it is simply a delight! Moreover, the subtle gradations still reveal themselves once knitted, so it’s always a pleasant surprise!
The model is really nice to make and final surprise: the neck can be sewn… or not !
But I am facing a big dilemma: Make a round neck or a turtleneck  … or do in between?

What do YOU prefer ?

4 Responses to “Mixology”

  • Christine59 says:

    Ah, le voilà ce beau pull sorti de son hibernation. Très réussi ! Je préfère le col rond mais c’est à toi de voir comment tu es le plus à l’aise.

  • rachel says:

    et bin a la fin tout un joli pull…l’hiver peut venir…lol..

  • Emmanuelle says:

    Très joli :)

    pour le col je préfère la version la plus haute.

  • steph says:

    tres joli ce pull et perso j’adore les cols montants ;-)
    une bien belle realisation …vivement l’hiver :-D

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