My Bryan done !

Yes, “Bryan” – my last model from Bouton d’Or- is done ! Quikc pattern because I began during the Holidays and due to the ‘good weather’ I knit it all day long !

This yarn is beautiful, really, and sooo sweet(camel fiber !), seems to look like a tweed yarn because of linen fiber.

The pattern is easy if you’re familiar with cables. I did not make a lot of transformation except for the collar too large on me (longer from 1” to 2”). When I completed the entire project, It seem to be shorter (Over the belt) and smaller than expected but I block it (in cold water during 20 minutes) and the magic yarn ( 100% natural fiber and 0% acrilyc) tooks the wanted size ;-)

You can the the result (weared by me !) on this gallery below (double clic on the images to see them on the screen) !

If you look for the pattern on Raverly : I am (for the moment) the first to finish it ! ;-)

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  • Drifter | 15h15.net says:

    [...] très léger en comparaison aux autres pulls à torsades en grosses aiguilles (comme le modèle Bryan de Bouton d’Or réalisé en Steppe en 2010 déjà), toute l’astuce du fil enroulée [...]

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