(Français) Séries Télé et Tricot

The 5th season of True Blood is on (american) TV just now !

So, I HAD TO show you my last FO : a pair of socks (yes, again !)

(If you don’t see the point, keep reading, you’ll understand !)

I have to admit that I was not in socks before but I begin to love that because :

  • you only need 5€ and only one skein to get a pair (yes, you can spend more than 25£ for a skein sometimes… I admit),
  • For Holydays, this is perfect : tiny to take with and quick to do
  • quick to do means quick to wear (or gifted ?)
  • quick to do also means trying new techniques !

This socks are from this book : Socktopus: 17 Pairs of Socks Worth Showing Off by Alice Yu.

When I first read the pattern intro I cannot resist : called V Junkie, they are an hommage to the “V”, the beverage the Vampires use to drink in the show True Blood ! The small drawing on this socks (with an easy but efficient pattern) is blood cells !!

Because I use a dark yarn (Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Solid: pure joy !!!), I just had to wait for a shiny day to take this picture (and even if it’s july here in France, the sun is not really there everyday…) Finally, the cat is out too and if my cat loves me, my cat loves my socks too !

Take a look !


4 Responses to “(Français) Séries Télé et Tricot”

  • bulle says:

    Des bonnes chaussettes en laine quand la chaleur se décide à s’intaller… Non, sans blaguer, elles sont très chouettes, la laine a une teinte d’enfer !

  • Annette says:

    Ben oui, c’est évident le lien chaussettes – vampires! … ou pas.
    Elles sont chouettes en tout cas!

  • rachel says:

    punaise oui didonc sympa comme tout ces cho7s…et inspecteur est tout a fait d’accord…d’ailleurs il est si beau lui aussi…;o)

  • Lanawool says:

    J’adore!!!! Faut vraiment que je me mette aux chaussettes!!

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