Serre Chevalier

Only one week at “Serre Chevalier” and I’m ready  to be back now ! Special thanks to J&A for their hospitality… Because I haven’t gone to the French Alps for a long time, I decided to not skiing this year but to begin snowboarding. Finally, after this week, I’m quite proud of the results ! ;-) But – promise – for next year I’ll prepare myself before ! cause I’m soooo tired now !

YouTube Preview Image

PS : if you’re looking a flat to rent @ “SerreChe”, send me a message – I have good adresses !

2 Responses to “Serre Chevalier”

  • bulle says:

    Excellente, la vidéo ! Il fallait bien que ça finisse sur les fesses ! Mais tu te défends, pour un débutant.

  • Tony Petersen says:

    LOL Super music to accompany your snow dance! And watching it makes me want to take up snowboarding too.

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