Damned then the last (interesting) note on this blog back in 42 days … and gosh, but what am I doing ?

Well, to be honest, I’m not inspired right now.

Already, ‘La nouvelle Star’ (French Version of American Idol) is finished … plus, hats and sweaters now, shall we say, even though summer is not really we’re not in winter either …

and then, I had not internet at home … No, it’s true! but this is due because I changed my house!

Yes! so if you want to know , I’ll explain: I did not want to talk … but if you insist…

I (finally we, but this is MY blog anyway) has moved from a (nice) apartment in the city center (noisy) for a house (yes!) In the suburbs (chic?).

Why? because I’ve become owner ! Yes, I have no doubt that you do not care a bit, dear reader, but for once I could say a little louder I achieved something in my life!

Of course, I am indebted for 20 years but is already a godsend to have this privilege today …

This explains that:

- Not too much time (make boxes, paint the walls – and here I have abbreviated sub-layer painting/coating/Fucking boring things to put on the wall-, to unpack boxes – still in progress)

- No Internet (well, in fact that back just a few days ago)

- No knitting

Do not worry dear reader, I do not bathe with you my adventures in the DIY Mall or with the advantage or disadvantage of the sealer with a squeege or the price of an simple electric outlet …

Unless …

Want to see pictures (how proud of me I am…) ???

Leave your comments!

2 Responses to “Silence”

  • Christine59 says:

    Fichtre ! Tu as acheté le château de la photo ? C’est à Croix ou à Marcq au moins ? Bonne fin d’installation et à bientôt pour du tricot ?

  • bulle says:

    Allez, bon courage pour la fin des travaux (mais ça va sans dire, quand on est proprio, les travaux, ça n’est jamais fini…)
    Non, je blague
    ( à peine…)

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