Erika Knight Textured Vest

SO… the list of my work in progress does not reduce, is it wise  to begin a new one at the beginning of Spring?
My answer is YES!
It’s true: my latest WIP is somewhat complicated and requires concentration, so after 20 or 30cm of ribs and twists of any kind, I have only one desire:  stockinette stitch !
Combined with the fact that I dream (literally) for so long to try a new Danish wool (a bit rough at the beginning ?), it was enough to start a new vest.

My choice goes to a model by Erika Knight (you could have free!) published in “Men’s Knits: 20 New Classics“. This is a rather simple vest, seamless but with a touch of originality in its design.

Thus, in the evening watching TV, this WIP is great for watching series with subtitles !


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