Textured Vest finally done !

I has explained it here, my textured vest is allready finished ! I used a new yarn : Holst Garn because I wanted to test it for a long time now and I’m now very happy  ! It’s true that some people could say :

  • This yarn is not soft at all (true but compare to a Tweed from Rowan, it’s the same…)
    This yarn smells (true but compare it with some China imported clothes travelling in a plastic bag !)
  • But this yarn becomes softer after a few washes (so what, there is not problem after all ! ;-) )

I bought 3 skeins of 3 diffrent blue and I still have at least more of 1 skein each ! (this yarn is very very long – 575 m, for 50g !)

As my choosen yarn can be worked with 4mm needles and the original pattern with 5mm needles (often Rowan Summer Tweed), I had to change a bit the construction – specially for underarms and collar.

Besides, I just need to not simplify this easy pattern, I choose to make a blue variation with my 3 differend kind of blue ; and because I knit with 2 yarn at the same time, I can have 6 different blues ! Yes, I first use 2 strands of the Vintage Heather A, then 1 of A and 1 of Sapphire (B), then 2B, then 1 of B and 1 Peacock (C) and finally 2C !
And to have a smooth transition, I create a fair-isle chart (I give you right here, enjoy !)

Finally, I’m quite proud of this project even if I still have two problems :

  1. The Sapphire Blue and Peacock seems very too close and my transition is not really easy to see (a lot of work for nothing ?)
  2. This transition idea was ‘smart’ (if I can say) but not with 2 differents strands ! because this make a marble effect that doesn’t suit with my first idea of transition…

Anyway, I’m wearing this vest right now because – after winter but before summer- it could be very pleasant to wear a classic vest over a shirt !

(don’t forget you can open images by clicking it and you can leave message down here to say hello ! ;-) )

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